Read what people are saying about the ROAD RADIO USA program!


“It is with pleasure that I voice my support for Road Radio USA, Inc. I believe that education is the primary solution to eliminating many problems that exist in our society today. I have met with Jim (& Road Radio USA) and I have had an opportunity to review his informational packet. I believe the (many) testimonials from the educators from across the Commonwealth is a strong endorsement for this program. I also notice that Mr. Mothersbaugh has been recognized by former PA Governor Casey for his work in trying to reduce drinking and driving. Jim’s goal is to bring this program throughout the Commonwealth. I commend him on his forward thinking and his work with our youth.”

Roger A. Madigan
State of Pennsylvania

“When Jim Mothersbaugh calls from the Geisinger Children’s Miracle Network to present Road Radio U.S.A., stop, find your calendar, and put it in the book. Our student body and staff highly recommend this show. Book it now!?”

Anthony B. Martinelli
Dallas Middle School

“I hope that the Geisinger Health System (and other sponsors) can see fit to continue to sponsor this extremely worthwhile program. In my thirty-six years in education, I can think of no assembly program that is better than this one. The message is right on target and the delivery of the message is excellent.”

Edward L Hauck
Pottsville Area School District

“Please congratulate yourself for a job well done. You are certainly doing something very worthwhile. I wish to thank you, the Children’s Miracle Network and Geisinger Hospital for making this show a reality for us. I will certainly pass the word on about your program to the principals in the area who have not already heard seen your presentation. Thanks, again.”

Edward Petras
Middle School Principal
Chenango Forks Central Schools, Binghamton, NY

“There were approximately 600 students and up to 55 staff present for the assembly. I have only heard positive feedback about the program. I experienced the Road Radio show about 6-8 years ago and felt blessed to have Jim return to our school.”

V. David Brown
Milton Middle School

“I have been in education for twenty four years and this was one of the most powerful and beneficial programs I have witnessed. Nine Hundred Six middle school students stood as one at the conclusion of the program to voice their approval and appreciation.”

David Tosh
Wyoming Valley West Middle School

“As a former drug and alcohol prevention specialist and case management supervisor at a county drug and alcohol program, I have participated in numerous prevention programs. This program was special and really touched the student body. The dramatic conclusion of this program absolutely touched the lives of our students. Thank you for making this presentation available to our school. We look forward to having Road Radio back soon.”

Traci L Hirsch
School Counselor
Forest Hills School District

“The program provides a perfect mix of fun, serious discussion and reflection and its sincerity cuts through any cynicism in the audience. Our students were spellbound throughout the hour-long message and the impression that was made will certainly be lasting.”

Wayne Brookhart
Montgomery Area School Districts

 “The Road Radio Production is a sight and sound extravaganza with an important message about substance abuse. The program, specifically designed for middle schoolers, is a developmentally appropriate presentation of c

Nancy A. Rose
Bethel Park Middle School

“Road Radio USA’s show climaxed our week-long Prom Promise campaign to advise students against the perils of drugs and alcohol. Jim’s hard work really paid off. The students had a great time dancing and singing along with music and his message really reached our students as I heard many comments in that regard after the show. Our prom was also a success with no vehicular accidents. Road Radio USA is an excellent tool for anti-alcohol instruction in today’s schools. Please contact me with any questions.”

Susan F Fetterolf
Lampeter-Strasburg High School

“Alcohol and other drug abuse continues to plaque our society, however with the help of programs like the Road Radio Show and people like Jim, we are able to provide valuable lessons to our school communities.”

Patrick M. Kelley
Harlan Rowe Junior High School

“Jim, you saw and heard the reaction of students. The silence was overwhelming as you told your story. Your pleas to use your brain, to stop and think, to not drink and of course, to not drink and drive is a message that young people need to hear again and again.”

Gerry Solomon
Assistant Principal
Montour School District

“Thank you so much for brining “Road Radio” to Bishop Neumann High School. Not only did our entire community enjoy it but I really believe that a message came across loud and clear; a message our students need to hear and hopefully heed. Your good work should be a sign to others in the community that there are still those who believe in youth and are working to see it that tomorrow becomes better and brighter than today for all of us.”

Rev. Andrew Kurovsky
St. John Neumann High School, Williamsport